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First Monday Salon

Join local Peekskill artist Carla Rae Johnson on the first Monday of each month for our Monday Salon — an eclectic mix of art, discussion, performance and more. This month's salon…

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A First Monday Salon

First Monday of the Month
6:00-8:00 pm

First Monday Salons are free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. First Monday Salons are hosted by Carla Rae Johnson

Come early to enjoy the BeanRunner Cafe’s savory soups, salads, and sandwiches. Indulge in a fine wine, a great beer, or an espresso beverage while you listen and participate.

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Our Current Show

An Exhibition about Audacious Women!

By Marcy Freedman

Exhibit:October 5–December 13

Opening Reception: 
Saturday, October 11, 4-6pm

Marcy Freedman

This exhibition, “Who Does She Think She Is!” features dozens of digital prints by Marcy B. Freedman.

The title of this exhibition acknowledges Freedman’s chutzpah with respect to the creation of these works as well as their content. Each artwork is a digitally-manipulated photo of the artist herself. How narcissistic! Furthermore, the artist has—in many cases—shamelessly merged her own identity with that of women much more accomplished/famous than herself. How presumptuous!

There is a lot of humor in Freedman’s work, but there is also a lot of food for thought. Ultimately, the exhibition serves to glorify the accomplishments of women who have been strong enough to break free of gender-stereotypes and to show the world just how much they can do!

For further information about this exhibition, contact Marcy at 914 271 5891 or

. For further information about Marcy, visit www.marcybfreedman.com

NOTE:  Freedman’s exhibition is part of a new, local initiative called Peekskill: The Power of Women Artists (PPOWA). For its first incarnation, PPOWA is working with three venues that will host exhibitions, performances and discussions—all featuring women artists and all taking place during the months of October, November and December 2014. This year’s venues are the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Paramount Hudson Valley, and BeanRunner Cafe. For further information about PPOWA, please contact: 


Photo by Gene Panczenko 2014

The BeanRunner Cafe is a partner in Art with the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA)

Sculpture Exhibit

On our back patio

If you are an Artist who is interested in showing your work at the BeanRunner Cafe, please use the form on our Contact Page to get in touch with us.