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First Monday Salon

Join local Peekskill artist Carla Rae Johnson on the first Monday of each month for our Monday Salon — an eclectic mix of art, discussion, performance and more. This month's salon…

The Outsider: Why the Heck would IBM Rank Creativity as the Most Crucial Factor for Future Success? by Cathy Barbieri

A First Monday Salon

March 3, 2014
6:00-8:00 pm

Spacy, unorganized, rebel, dreamer, outsider, starving: words used to describe artists, or “creative” types. So, why the heck would “creativity” rank as the most important leadership skill in a study conducted by IBM that surveyed fifteen hundred CEO’s?

With one foot in corporate America and the other in visual art, I’m forced to deal with this conflict on a daily basis. The skills I developed while obtaining my MFA play an intricate roll in my corporate job. However, I’m compelled to downplay my creative skills and "outside of the box" ideas in a risk-adverse culture. I invite you to join me on June 2nd to shed some light on this confusion. The topic will inspire you to think “outside the box”… I mean “Inside the box”… no, I really mean "outside." As artists, we are known to be “starving”, so make sure you come early and bring your empty bellies because there will be plenty of food to order and enjoy.

Cathy Barbieri always maintained a passion to create art, she pursued an undergraduate degree in business. She led a successful career in real estate and acquired skills for which she is grateful. After suppressing her creative desires for seven years, she realized that something greater was missing from her life; a passion to create art. She decided to take ceramics classes at a local studio. This is when she rediscovered her passion for art. She recently completed her Masters of Fine Arts at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. She describes her experience of “cultivating creativity” as a transformative experience. “Transitioning from a logical linear world in business to one where I am guided by my creative calling, literally changed the way I “see”; I now view the world in a holistic, symphonic way. I have learned to observe things from a broader perspective, and have a better understanding of the connections between disparate things”.

This event is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. First Monday Salons are hosted by Carla Rae Johnson

Come early to enjoy the BeanRunner Cafe’s savory soups, salads, and sandwiches. Indulge in a fine wine, a great beer, or an espresso beverage while you listen and participate.

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Our Current Show

Pencil Drawings

By Marilyn Rabetz

Exhibit: May 10–July 6
Meet the artist: Open Studios June 8, 3-5 p.m.
Lecture & Book Signing: June 21, 3-5 p.m. 


This exhibition shows the pencil drawings of Marilyn Rabetz.

Artist Statement: Marilyn Rabetz is a magical-realist colored pencil artist with many years of exhibition and publication history. She has had numerous articles written about her work in such publications as American Artist Magazine, Drawing Magazine, Art/Is Magazine, and Colored Pencil Online Magazine in which she was the featured artist this past winter. She was also featured twice in American Artist Drawing Highlights Magazine, and was one of only ten artists nationwide to be featured in a National Cover Competition in American Artist Magazine.

In addition to her work as a colored pencil artist, Rabetz is a graphic artist and co-owner of QTR Books, an online publication company, and has designed over fifteen art books. Her own book, Object Lessons, How to Draw Absolutely Anything, which she wrote, illustrated and designed, was recently published, and for this work she was honored as the featured author in the online Transition Network (TTN) National Newsletter this past winter.

Object Lessons explains the methods of teaching drawing that Rabetz has developed over four decades of teaching art at the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor Connecticut, where she was the Director of the Richmond Art Center, the Director of the Visiting Artist Program, and the Assistant Director of the Mercy Gallery.

Object Lessons (and all QTR books) are available on Amazon.com. Or contact the artist at


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